The Sister from Another Mister unBasket

The Sister from Another Mister unBasket

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When you were younger, you shared your sticker collection to show your BFF you really cared, but you’re not 8 anymore, and you have to raise the bar. Your bestie deserves it. Best case scenario: you leave Ryan Gosling on her doorstep with a giant pink bow. If that doesn’t shake out, our Sister from Another Mister unBasket is a close second.

  • Love Ya Mean It Luxury Soap: You know the story: two unexpected friends find love and meaning on a soap package. Scented with lavender and vanilla. Each bar is made in the USA with 100% vegetable base and essential oils. 2 oz. bar.
  • You’re Beautiful, Don’t Change Coin Purse: Just a little something to tell you that I...really Just. The way. You are. Design by Nate Duval. 95% post consumer recycled material. 3"h x 4"w
  • Hey Bitches Gum: Contains 8 pieces of cinnamon gum.
  • 3-D Chandelier Air Freshener: If most people have one complaint about their commute, it’s that it isn’t fancy enough. This chandelier air freshener comes in two pieces that fit together to form a 3D chandelier.
  • We Live Like This Positive Pens: Take pleasure in the little things and make time to do what you love. The perfect companion to a journal, each Positive Pen is inscribed with a feel good mantra to channel positive vibes to your page. Pack of four ballpoint pens, double ended with triangular barrels.
  • Cucumber Sheet Mask: The cucumber sheet mask has calming properties and will help to soothe your skin.
  • Cooling Cucumber Eye Masks: Discover the soothing powers of cucumber in a handy reuseable gel mask. Pop into the freezer, thaw for a few minutes then sit back and relax as they help to reduce puffiness and dark circles.
  • Rose Gold Lush Lips:Treat your lips with moisturizing balm in a stylish rose gold pot. Easy to apply, made with nourishing ingredients and scented with vanilla this ‘jewel’ makes a great little treat, gift or stocking filler for any lip balm devotee.
  • Jelly Belly® Cocktail Classics: When you don’t have a glass to raise, why not raise a bean? Includes deliciously refreshing flavors like piña colada, strawberry daiquiri, mojito, peach bellini, pomegranate cosmo and margarita. 3.5 oz bag.
  • Champagne Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly All the flavor of a glass of bubbly in a mini-sized bottle with none of the alcohol.
  • Nerds: Large 1.5 oz. box of nerds
  • Starbursts: Just the Pinks and Reds: Don’t break up your friendship over who gets the last pink starburst. Pink and red for all! One 2.07 pack of starbursts.

Packaging: Your gifts will be packaged in our signature clear “unBox”, packed with decorative crinkle paper and labeled with the basket style. Dimensions of this unBasket: 5" X 5" X 7"

From time to time we may need to substitute an item (or a few) in one of our unBaskets. Any substitutions will be of equal or greater value and will embody the clever or unique vibe of that unBasket.